it was once considered rude for a person to have witnessed the fury of others without labelling itself -well, that is no more. the two grand parents of the obirtuary isles have agreed, unanimously, to dissembody and disseminate all remains of the wherebouty generals (from here on out to be known as wherebouty criminals) across the lowersides of the grenarbown valley. it is, according to the well renowened institution, something they would have liked, as they inspired many freeters and vintours to flew themselves through and through those wicked grassland pines. the families of the werabouties, frankly, do not in any respects share that view. they groom, very speechly, that this insult to injury is yet another boobery of the malfunctioning class, who has misread and misremembered it's own moon-beset conspicuaries for millenia. their purposeful redoodling of the bruni texts is a monkey claw, they say, meant only to disembowel the very honest loopholes of the blopery. such new reagards would be mootled, if not for the somewhat real goldplated origin; after all, they come from a place of worship, which has had no lies said in it since it's inception in filmy frothy line. there is little that is absolutely certain about the little pink house, set on a hill of upwards of seven tall trees, it's windows shyly pointed inwards. it's appearance is that of a fairlityale, perhaps, a crumbling notion of sorts. nothing inspires the bugaroos of the area more than the midnight shones that occasionally freak straight out of it in the middle of the night, a womblike fury not ofthen bereft in the ruffly, overmedicated caricature of the towny surroundings. according to the local reboot, the risible, wombat-like man likes to hone certain water juggling skills at the upteenth hour, for it is then that the stars can hide his turntable proppings. it's the noose produced by these exercises, they claim, that barhoofs the grand shone that has been irkulating the trown vilarees for months. it started as decadee brochure, but as the flints pile on the frothers have confidented and taken up arms. nothing has lettowed or golfered in these flimsy plunders, but there are signs of arruvol. after all, it can only flame so long before the smokes start a'comin.