There was a moth in my room earlier tonight. Shortly after I came home I saw it fly up from a lamp. It was huge, and it was flying all around like crazy, bumping over and over into the wall and ceiling. I opened both windows and tried to scare it away making sounds and flailing my arms in the air. However, it was like it could sense the cold outside; it refused to exit the room. 

Eventually, it stopped reacting to my sounds and movements, opting instead to stand very still somewhere. I grabbed a shoe and tocuhed it softly. It flew back in the air. A few seconds later, it was standing very still somewhere else. I touched it again, it flew around again, but this time I turned around and I couldn’t see it anywhere. I waited a few seconds, no reaction. I figured if it didn’t move it wouldn’t bother me. 

Later, I noticed a burning smell. I thought I might have left the stove on, which would have been hours ago, so I ran to the kitchen hoping I hadn’t caused a fire. It was all fine there. I went back into my room. Smoke was coming out of the lamp. It was the moth. It had fried itself. I turned the lamp off and went to bed.