the unworthy promise


It’s satisfying to take a personal piece of writing and tear it into tiny little pieces; to witness the disintegration of meaning as sentences are broken into their component parts, to let go of those pieces of paper, one at a time, leaving the words adrift, as they slowly lose whatever power we might have previously ascribed to them. Through this process, the internal and confidential become anonymous, the particular generic, and it’s in that anonymity that we find the comfort to let go and move on. But tearing up a letter doesn’t really destroy it’s meaning, it’s merely a complication. If someone curious enough were to look for and find all the pieces, putting a page back together wouldn’t be much trouble at all.

Sights And Sounds Of San Pablo Ave

photo series, slideshow

San Pablo Avenue is a road that runs parallel to the East shoreline of the San Francisco Bay and South of San Pablo Bay. Stretching 21 miles, or 33 Km, it connects a series of towns with very little or no empty space between them. These photos and audio were recorded in San Pablo Avenue, in the Oakland-Berkeley area, between July and September 2019.

Thursday Morning Coffee Shop Violence


It’s eleven forty in the morning. I’m sitting in the corner of a triangular shaped bar, which sits on the corner of a triangular square in the nice pedestrian neighborhood of Gracia, in Barcelona. I’m here trying to write a letter to someone I left behind. I have an espresso coffee. I’m distracted by a guy with very thick frames speaking loudly and pompously two tables away. Then I’m distracted by all the teenagers outside -there’s a high school just next door. They’re standing around in little groups, having their mid-morning snack.

alien landscapes of the transsiberian railway

photo series

calor fuera frío dentro

photo series, photo book

Originally produced as a little book of photography and poetry, this series explores vaguely defined spaces and surfaces found in Thailand and Vietnam. Focusing on flat texture, disorienting shadow and striking color, it represents a specific frame of mind through sights whose proportion and orientation are often hard to place. Shot between September 2018 and January 2019.

all that remains

found object, video, photo

somewhere in the vicinity of bangkok, thailand, -in an area not quite rural and not quite urban- lies a rectangle of concrete over which an industrial building used to hang. on this concrete are an assortment of objects from a land far away. their value, personal or practical, has long been forgotten. they’ve been left behind to dry in the sun and soak in the rain and dry in the sun again.

choice moods

music, video

little bits of songs slowed down;
with reverb, echo, pitch modulation
and other effects


memories stretched in time by force
big little bundles of expectation
lullabies for the babies we are

thirty pictures of myanmar

photo series

garbage i saw

photo series

if garbage could speak,
what would it say about us?